The Satvatove Institute facilitates deepening and experiential approaches to self-discovery and identification of your life’s purpose. Satvatove’s programs provide spiritually-based personal and group transformation through empowered communication, courageous introspection and purposeful action. Satvatove seminars are a great way to expand your experience of reading Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living.

3-Day Foundational Course

Transformative Communication, a communication-based foundation for self-realization, forms the basis of this course that operates under the premise that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It provides practical exercises and principles for you to master strategies for high-level communication. You will acquire empathic listening skills, conflict resolution skills, and assertiveness that is aligned with the principles rooted in your spiritual truth.  It culminates with the ability to create more honest satisfying relationships, techniques for deepening self-awareness, and strategies for living a life of purposeful action.

6-Day Advanced Seminar Experience

Building on the groundwork of the Foundational Course, the Advanced Course is a highly experiential seminar that has been lovingly designed to help you identify your most genuine, authentic self. You will be supported to realize in a uniquely personal and embodied way what is integrally important to you and deeply recognize patterns that have been running your life. A main objective is for you to gain clarity, identify the commitments aligned with your life’s purposes, and embody the conviction to act on them.

Life Coaching

Coaching is a potent tool to facilitate excellence in your life. We believe that you have the wisdom and power to make your life what you want it to be even if answers to questions and challenges appear to be obscured or hidden inside.  Our coaching skills are about knowing how to create sacred space and use the tools with 30 years of experience to help you find your power to find answers within yourself.  You, the client, are the true expert in your life.  Through life coaching with Satvatove life coaches, you can create new, effective life-habits, replacing unsuccessful strategies from the past. Satvatove staff will fully support and challenge you to achieve what you have declared you are committed to accomplish.

Life Coach Training

Principles and Practices of Transformative Life Coaching is a series of interactive courses offering the unique blend of communication skills and powerful transformational methodologies founded on grounded, enlightening spiritual principles.

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