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To maximize the potential and benefit of this book in your life, it is important to experience the principles and practices of the book. We have developed a  5-meeting Book Discussion Guide for a group of 6 to 10 people that meet every two weeks and is designed to have a Discussion Leader.  Provided to the Discussion Leader is a detailed guide for the meetings and related sections of the book to read with exercises and activities for in-person discussions.

The objective of the Discussion Series is to provide a structured process for reading the book in a group setting with a discussion leader who does not necessarily have any facilitation experience.  The aim of the series is for all participants to experience first-hand some of the processes of self-discovery through transformative communication as discussed in the book, and to be able to communicate to others in way that creates empathic and responsible dialogue.

Download the Discussion Leader Guide (PDF, 22 pages)

Download the Participant Discussion Guide (PDF, 5 pages)

Share Your Experience and Feedback

We would love to hear from leaders and participants about your experience and get your feedback about the guides.

Please feel free to share your Book Discussion Group experience.

What Discussion Group Leaders and Participants Say

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  1. Devon Rigel
    Devon Rigel says:

    Currently “in the thick of it”… going well! I appreciate the discussion and as much the practice. Also stemming from our meeting I am connecting with other members more outside of the group.

    I understand the Title of these groups in changing from Book Discussion group to Practice group.

  2. Kat
    Kat says:

    This was a great group for creating more intimacy and more awareness of how I block people from sharing themselves. I liked being matched with a partner between meetings to discuss and practice a communication skill. I appreciated the variety of activities during each meeting too.


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